Heaven Help American Education

I’m listening right now to a report on the discovery of the remains of The Curtain on US National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition that began by explaining how important plays had premiered there, such as Henry V. The presenter, Rachel Martin,  is supposed to be a reasonably well educated, sophisticated American woman, some with authority for other reasonably well educated White People. And she says of the one play that tells us it’s being played at the Globe that it premiered at the Curtain.

I don’t know what more to say. I really don’t.

Postscript: Well, perhaps I can say that I consulted the introduction to the Arden third and the editor, T.W. Craik, notes that the Globe may not have been ready and that Henry V “may” have premiered at the Curtain. Given the uncertainty, though, it was a reckless choice for the report.

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