Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Romeo and Juliet–Coming Attractions

We’ve finished our traversal of Romeo and Juliet, but we aren’t quite finished with the play. I envision three more posts: one about Shakespeare’s sources, one summarizing the reasons to think that Romeo and Juliet is Juliet’s play, and one on what we’ve learned about reading Shakespeare from reading Romeo and Juliet.

And then it’s on to something new! And old. And borrowed. But not at all blue. I refer to The Comedy of Errors.

My First Post for BloggingShakespeare.com!

I’ve always subscribed to the maxim “Underpromise but Overperform.” On the theory that something could always go wrong, I hardly ever announce a project, or good news, or anything of the sort until after it’s actually happened. That is why I didn’t tell you until now that I’ve become a guest blogger at BloggingShakespeare.com. Now that my first post is up, though, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be contributing about one post per month to the Internet’s biggest Shakespeare website. As you’ll see, the post is the first in a series on Shakespeare’s Neglected Plays–those that are so obscure we don’t even have to pretend we’ve read them.

I can’t tell you how honored I feel by this association. Instead of trying, let me exhort you to check out the post now, then spend some time exploring the site. Along with regular posts by many excellent contributors (again, it’s such an honor to be in their company), be sure to enjoy its many special projects. I’ve already mentioned Sixty Minutes with Shakespeare, and I particularly draw your attention to the webinar scheduled for 22 May with Rene Weis on the publication of his edition of the Arden Third Romeo and Juliet, which I’ve mentioned here. I’m distressed that I probably won’t be able to attend, so please do in my stead, and ask any questions my readings have raised for you!