Shapiro versus Godzilla

I heart Toronto. As William Gibson, or was it Cory Doctorow, once said, it’s a great place to live, though you wouldn’t want to visit. It isn’t New York—what is?—but in many ways its cultural life is fully comparable. Consider that we’ve just had the world come visit us at TIFF, and we’ll shortly have the International Festival of Authors.

Even so, I lived in New York for a quarter century, and often I still miss it desperately. I wish I could be there for the New Yorker Festival, for example, with its two Shakespearean special events, even though I’ve already experienced them in part. If my TIFF reports have whetted your interest and you live in New York, do what I’d do and get into the rush line for Coriolanus with an appearance by Ralph Fiennes (of course he did interviews at TIFF, but not at the 9:30 am Saturday showing I attended). And kill if you must to get into what for me would be the event of the festival, the New York premiere (as far as I know) of Anonymous with a joint appearance by James Shapiro and Roland Emmerich. Yes, you read right. Only in New York could you hope to see the best possible critic actually engage the perpetrator himself. If you’ve ever wanted to see the cliché about a battle of wits against unarmed adversaries made flesh, here is your chance. And if you do get in, please, please report in the comments!

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