Keeping House with Coriolanus

I confess, I linked to the Ralph Fiennes interview at TIFF before I actually watched it. Not a sin, since the link was only to show he’d actually been interviewed at TIFF, and even most Oxfordians are smart enough to realize that the star and director of a movie premiering at TIFF is going to give interviews. I was linking only to point you to one. However, it turns out to be terrific. An intelligent interviewer (we have those in Toronto) gets some extremely interesting responses; I especially recommend Fiennes’s comparison of our reaction today to movie special effects to Elizabethan audiences’ reaction to Shakespeare’s (and others’) linguistic effects. When you see that idea on this blog later, you’ll know who I ripped it off from. However that may be, do also catch his remarks on Anonymous and the authorship controversy. It’s such a pleasure to see a working actor and Shakespearean stand up for the truth.

If you are following The Calendar, you’ll notice that I am reading Coriolanus at the same time as I continue working my way through Hamlet. Since I only knew I’d be seeing the film five minutes in advance, I couldn’t reread it first. After the film I’m finding it far more interesting and accessible than I did on my first reading, as well as finding much to discuss about Fiennes’s choices. I’d say that means he succeeded. It looks like he succeeded in getting a distributor at TIFF, too, since the New Yorker Festival says the film will be opening on 2 December. I’ll remind you when that date comes.

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