Intermezzo: Romeo and Juliet, The Scene List Thus Far

And now, an interlude some of you may think is long overdue. Moving back and forth in Romeo and Juliet as I have, I’ve been pretty careless about noting where we are in the traditional terms of act and scene indications. Nor have I bothered with anything like a plot summary. For one thing, I don’t want to spoil any details; for another, Romeo and Juliet is the unusual, if not unique, case in which we all pretty much know the story. Nonetheless, we’re nearly halfway through, so why not some orientation in the form of an act and scene breakdown of where we’ve been so far?

Scene i: Sampson and Gregory touch off a brawl that requires all of official Verona to quiet; Romeo misses the brawl because he’s mooning around over Rosaline.
Scene ii: Old Capulet decides to hand Juliet over to the County Paris; Romeo reluctantly agrees to go to the Capulets’ party.
Scene iii: We meet Juliet and the Nurse, and Juliet learns she is betrothed.
Scene iv: The boys horse around before the party, and Mercutio delivers the Queen Mab speech.
Scene v: The party; Romeo and Juliet meet.

Scene i: The morning after; Mercutio mocks Romeo (open-arse, poperin pear).
Scene ii: The balcony scene.
Scene iii: Friar Laurence.
Scene iv: Mercutio and Romeo’s verbal duel; Mercutio and the Nurse; Romeo tells the Nurse where Juliet should go to be married.
Scene v: The Nurse tells Juliet the good news.
Scene vi: The wedding.

Scene i: The duel; Romeo is banished.
Scene ii: The Nurse tells Juliet the bad news.
Scene iii: Romeo in hiding; Friar Laurence has a plan.

That more than catches you up, it shows where the next few posts are going. We skipped over Act II Scene v, and we’ll return to it next. In either that or the following post, we’ll also consider Act III, Scenes ii and iii. After that, we’re into the second half of the play, and things can move a good deal more quickly. We may be on to The Comedy of Errors by October!

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