Shakespeare with a Bullet

The newest addition to the blogroll arrives with the force of a bullet. No wonder it’s called .44Calibre Shakespeare. I think the best thing is for me to step aside and let the site’s proprietors say what they’re about in their own words:

.44 CALIBRE SHAKESPEARE marks the beginning of a new era in the world of Shakespeare. Tights, classrooms, copius amounts of homework and ‘intellectual snobbery’ are strictly forbidden on this website. We much prefer sexy girls, fights to the death, gripping storylines and inspirational ‘Denzel-Washington-at-the-end-of-Training-Day-speeches’ that ignite the fire in our hearts and drive us to change our lives for the better. If it’s posh, boring, typical and dull as broken light bulbs, we don’t have time for it. If it’s Shakespeare and if it’s cool as an ice-sculpture, we dig it. It’s really that simple. You see, there’s this thing about Shakespeare… and whether you know it or not, you now stand at the very brink of a discovery that stretches out before you as vast as any ocean, as beautiful as any sunset, as liberating as any success. You might just click off, go back to wastebook and myface and mid-week television – or you can embark on a journey that your heart has been waiting for and the universe has been conspiring to bring about since the day the two halves of your destiny compounded in the womb.

I know better than to try to top that. Besides, I agree with every word, especially the part about the sexy girls. Especially lately it seems, I’ve been trying to come from a lot of different angles at the truth that Shakespeare is continuous with life; he’s not choked with chalk dust, and encountering him on his own terms is anything but homework. Imagine how I feel at finding a new blog committed to spreading the word with gonzo energy! I sometimes think of myself (and have said so out loud, believe it or not) as the Anthony Bourdain of Shakespeare commentators; I’d love to see .44Calibre be the new punks on the block.

And just in case you’re thinking that .44Calibre‘s link and highly flattering remarks about me on their Community page (scroll to the bottom) has anything to do with my endorsement: You may very well think that. I couldn’t possibly comment.

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  1. working on a production of Richard the Second that might interest. Here is the trailor: