Sixty Minutes with Shakespeare

No doubt gearing up for Anonymous, the good people at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust held an online conference last Thursday called 60 Minutes with Shakespeare, addressing pretty much every aspect of the Authorship Controversy one can think of. James Shapiro wasn’t a presenter but his influence is apparent in the inclusion of segments on Henry James and Mark Twain; I’m also pleased to see stylometric analysis represented and a fair amount of time given to collaboration. I wasn’t able to listen in live, but now audio and transcripts of the sixty participants are available here. I’ve put the link on the blogroll as well.

The idea is that each of the sixty participants would take one minute to address their subject. Leave it to Stephen Fry to take five. That aside, the lineup is extraordinary, including such luminaries as Lois Potter, David Kathman, Tiffany Stern, Rene Weis, Margaret Drabble, Simon Callow, Janet Suzman, Gary Taylor, Eric Rasmussen, Antony Sher, Michael Holroyd, David Bevington, Paul Edmondson, Greg Doran, Stanley Wells, Charles Nicholl, Simon Palfrey, Stephen Fry, and not quite last but certainly least, Roland Emmerich. At sixty-five minutes’ total listening time, how can you not check it out?

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