Welcome Bardfilm to the Blogroll

I guess I’m late to discover Bardfilm, which as its name implies is about all aspects of Shakespeare and film, but it’s well worth calling to your attention. I found it because of this post–three clips (perhaps the only three clips) of the legendary 1970 Peter Brook production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And in case that weren’t enough, it had me ( you knew this was coming) with an equally rare attraction, a clip from Doctor Who in which the First Doctor and his first companions (Barbara and Ian–and Susan!) eavesdrop on the conversation in which Elizabeth I suggests that Shakespeare write just a little more about Falstaff (with a guest appearance by Francis Bacon).

This excellent site bears watching as we draw closer to the release date of a certain extravaganza calculated, as James Shapiro says, to give us all headaches. . . .

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