New York–Toronto Cage Match, Part 2: Now with Videos

When I posted some time ago about Popeye and Cloudy, the New York City buskers who perform vignettes from Shakespeare in the subway, I forgot to link to their videos. It was 4 a.m., so I can be excused. After that, I was just too damn lazy. That’s turned out to be a felix culpa, though, because I’ve now located a feature by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on Toronto’s own Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare Collective. Now we can compare! So let the games begin—first up, Victoria Urquhart and the Spur-of-the Moment Shakespeare Collective (alas, doesn’t seem to support embedding, so we’ll have to go with a link)

And here are two videos of the boys. First, the deaths of the County Paris and Romeo:

And from the Wall Street Journal (which also doesn’t support embedding, but you just know you’ve made it when the investment bankers’ house organ covers you), a snippet of the same scene, and an interview:


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