Baz Luhrmann Mashes up the Last Two Posts, Courtesy of YouTube

[Edited 23 May to add a further thought, expressed in the two new sentences at the end of the first paragraph.]

Thank you, YouTube and monkeydancer411! Looking for a self-contained video of Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech, the star of the next post, I discovered that the latter has posted what looks to be the entirety of Romeo + Juliet in chunks. The one linked here, through pure serendipity, starts with the Montague parents wondering what’s up with Romeo and ends just as the Capulets’ party is about to begin—exactly the material covered in the last two posts. It’s a very interesting exercise to read along with this energetic but loose adaptation. I quite like how Luhrmann  moves up a snippet of the “heavy lightness” speech to show Leo writing the words in his Moleskine-like thingy. Didn’t I tell you he writes sappy poetry when he’s alone? This has the nice effect of heightening the artificiality when he mouths the same words to Benvolio a bit later. And yes, he is wearing black!

On the other hand, I’m really not sure what accent Paul Sorvino thinks he’s using in his brief turn as Old Capulet, but it’s atrocious. And what do you think of how Luhrmann had the beloved British actress Miriam Margolyes handle the Nurse’s speech?

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