New Sidebar–The Calendar

I’ve been remiss, O my brothers and only friends (another of my famous prizes to the first one to identify that quote; double dip if you can explain what it has to do with Shakespeare. Don’t know? Stay tuned, all will be explained!). Our conceit, after all, is that I’m working my way through Shakespeare, and yet I haven’t kept you apprised of my progress. To fill that much-needed gap (h/t, the immortal Bob and Ray), behold to your left, The Calendar! From now on, the left margin will let you know where I am in the reading. This should come in handy as we proceed, since, as you can already see, (a) I am way ahead of the discussion, and (b) I am way, way ahead of any one-year deadline. That was always nothing more than a gimmick anyway, and this blog is developed enough now that it can be thrown away, but if I keep up this pace I’ll be finished in less than six months. In which case we can just start over again. Meanwhile, The Calendar will at least give you some idea of where we’re going in the short term.

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