Weekend Update

Well! Weren’t they the loveliest couple! To steal a line from a certain great and universal book, I think the royals are Mostly Harmless. Still, it has to mean something that the play I was reading on the day of the Royal Wedding was Much Ado About Nothing. For I have been reading, even while real-world responsibilities (and, of course, Doctor Who) kept me away from the word processor. This first week of the Shakespeare Project I’ve (re)read Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado, as I said I would, but they will occupy us for considerably more than a week. So if you are following in the reading, please do so at your convenience. It also wouldn’t be a bad time to watch Shakespeare in Love again. As for movies of Romeo and Juliet, you know what I think about Zeffirelli’s version, but I’ll probably have a little to say about Romeo + Juliet, so swoon again over Leo if you like. And there’s no harm in checking out Kenneth Branagh’s version of Much Ado; he made it before he had his talent surgically removed (do not, if you value your sanity, watch his version of Love’s Labour’s Lost—more than labour is lost in this, the worst Shakespeare adaptation by a margin I can’t imagine anybody ever topping—or his lifeless As You Like It, pointlessly transferred to nineteenth-century Japan).

Looking further ahead, after Much Ado I think we’ll read The Comedy of Errors and Love’s Labour’s Lost. One is easy to appreciate, the other not so much; I’ll be doing well if I can show you why it’s not the snoozefest people who have never read or seen it think. Then I think we’ll turn to two of my least favorite Shakespeare plays, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Taming of the Shrew, which should bring us to Midsummer Night. Which, as we know, is a time for magic.

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