Much Ado About Facebook

H/t to Tammy Burns for news of an online production of Much Ado About Nothing, going on right now. The Mashable link explains it pretty well (although it’s a little odd that nobody seems to have heard of “Such Tweet Sorrow,” and I’d not have thought to call Much Ado a play about bullying). The Weekly Reader page that allows you to set up the necessary Facebook likes is here, and the Tumblr archive is here. Unfortunately, with the taxman beckoning (Tax Day in Canada is April 30, for my US readers who may just have been puzzled), I don’t think I’m going to get much chance to experience it live, so if anyone is following along, please report in the Comments. Since Much Ado is the next play up after Romeo and Juliet, I’ll definitely want to talk about this project, possibly along with “Such Tweet Sorrow.”

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